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UGC Brand Trend Report on Instagram - Chute

How UGC Brand Trends Works

  1. 1) We track hashtags, keywords and even users to identify what’s popular and trending on Instagram
  2. 2) You can search within these categories by keyword
  3. 3) Our system then uncovers the best photos, influential users, other important topics bubbling up and even where the photos are coming from
  4. 4) We bundle all this up in an easy report that you can view once or sign up to receive a bi-weekly update sent directly to your inbox

Audience Intelligence Report

As part of signing up for your individual bi-weekly UGC Brand Trends Report, we've partnered with Macromeasures to include an audience analysis for each conversation using their audience intelligence platform. Macromeasures is able to analyze the content and creators Chute tracks within each conversation, providing targeted social analysis for your brand. Search a hashtag and sign-up for the brand trend report above to receive a complimentary monthly Macromeasure analysis!

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